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Some Scripts Zero_X
Directory Traversal in Aprox PHP Portal. Zero_X
DoS Vulnerability with php and "con" Bug Zero_X
viewpage.php is a part of PHPNuke 6.5 Zero_X
Remote Code Execution in Knowledge Builder Zero_X
Remote Code Execution in ezContents Zero_X
DoS Vulnerability in SlimFTPd 3.14 Zero_X
Bugs in the PHPNuke Addon Zero_X
Bugs in HTTP Commander 4.0. Zero_X
DoS Vulnerabilities in Crob FTP Server 2.60.1 Zero_X
ion-p.exe allows Remote File Retrieving Zero_X
Remote Command Execution in KinkyForums v1.12 Zero_X
KunaniFTP-Server v.1.0.10 allows dictionary traversal Zero_X
PHPNuke AddOn PHPToNuke Allows Remote File Retrieving Zero_X

Xynph FTP Server allows Directory Traversal

Vulnerability in Cutecast Forum v1.2 Zero_X
viewpage beim PHPNuke 6.5 Zero_X

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